Ready to Get Unstuck and Breakthrough your Roadblocks?!
Attend the next ONLINE Business Breakthrough Weekend!
aka Internal Leverage Mastermind
with Abraham Heisler
OCTOBER 24th & 25th, 2020
(via Zoom)
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00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds

Are you running your business on Stress, Overwhelm and Confusion?

Do you experience...?

  • Analysis-Paralysis
  • Procrastination
  • Inner-Self Criticism/Imposter Syndrome

How would you like a weekend experience to gain perfect CLARITY, increased FOCUS and optimise your mind for success?

This interactive 2-day experience is designed to help you...
  • Make more EFFECTIVE business decisions!
  • Take BOLDER actions!
  • Get EXTRAORDINARY results!

How would you like a weekend experience to gain perfect clarity, increased focus and optimise your mind for success?

This interactive 2-day experience is designed to help you..
  • Make more effective business decisions
  • Take bolder actions
  • Get extraordinary results

Join us for a weekend of…

Join us for…

  •  Interactive workshops
  •  Peak performance training
  •  Q&A sessions + hot seat coaching
What if we gave you the tools to:
  • Relieve ANXIETY so that you felt calm and cool on demand?
  • ​Develop the courage and initiative to confront FEAR head on?
  • Replace DOUBT with instant confidence through just shifting your perspective?
  • Silence your INNER-CRITIC so that you have full control of your thoughts and actions?
  • ​Learn the source of your PROCRASTINATION and develop positive habits to execute difficult tasks?
  • ​[MOST IMPORTANTLY] Get the heck out of your head, so that you never again get STUCK in ANALYSIS-PARALYSIS?

"The Business Breakthrough Weekend allowed me to own who I am and find clarity in life and business."
-LJ Negron, Digital Marketing Agency Owner

"The Business Breakthrough Weekend allowed me to own who I am and find clarity in life and business."
-LJ Negron, Digital Marketing Agency Owner

This little known technique is giving entrepreneurs an unfair advantage


...I remember starting my entrepreneurial journey. 

When I signed my first $1000 client I was elated. 

When I quadrupled that amount I was euphoric. 

And when I broke my first 5-figure month I thought I was on a straight path to success.  

But, that feeling didn’t last long.  

Soon, the challenges came. 

The initial stream of clients dried up. I made poor financial choices that had costly consequences. 

And my bank account began to tell me a story different than the one I was telling myself. 

Naturally, I did what every entrepreneur does when faced with hardship. I HUSTLED HARDER

This is the most common mistake. 

Working harder leads your body to release cortisol, the stress hormone, which sends you into an endless loop of OVERWHELM and BURNOUT. 

So if working harder or hustling harder isn’t the answer… 

...what is??? 

The trick is to work with your biology and learn how to get out of the cortisol loop. 

It starts by accessing your FLOW STATE - where you’re working without dropping into stress, fear, or chaos (which all create cortisol).  

But, more on that shortly...  👇👇

What I can tell you now is that when overwhelm kicked me in the butt, the F word began to loom in my mind… “FAILURE”. 

Can you relate? 

Left unchecked this feeling lead to depression. 

And then the worst nightmare of any entrepreneur... having to return to that 9-5 job you hate and SETTLE for a life of mediocrity. 



I didn’t return to a 9-5. 

Instead, I attended a special class. In this class I was instructed to lay on the floor and just breathe - with a specific technique that would “unlock” Flow State in my brain chemistry. 

I have practiced meditation for close to 20 years, but nothing prepared me for the level of clarity, focus and absolute certainty that flowed from that hour of laying on the floor. 

The practice is called “BREATHWORK”, an active breathing technique done along with music and motivational facilitation.  

The result is a slowing down of the prefrontal cortex in a phenomena called Transient Hypofrontality. 

In this state, your body releases a cocktail of hormones - endorphins, adrenaline, dopamine, serotonin and anandamide overriding the cortisol and making you feel like you just won a marathon. 

Since incorporating breathwork into my life, I’ve been able to navigate some of the most challenging situations in business without overwhelm and depression. 

I created a 6 figure coaching business and have been increasing revenue each year. 

I’ve worked with over a hundred entrepreneurs and have helped them to accelerate their income as well while facilitating powerful breakthroughs in confidence and clarity. 

This is why I’m so excited about our online Business Breakthrough Weekend (aka Internal Leverage Mastermind), which is the perfect transformational experience for any entrepreneur who feels stuck. 

Tap in power hidden deep within you and reach a new level of clarity and confidence NOW!

Included in the event:

👉 2 powerful deep dive breathwork sessions to get you unstuck and develop perfect clarity on the right next steps for you and your business!

👉 Mindset training to help your brain breakthrough unconscious barriers!

👉 Learn the high-performance techniques that help you hack your biology and access Transient Hypofrontality (FLOW STATE) on demand so you can cut through analysis-paralysis, procrastination and inner self-criticism!

👉 Connect with other amazing entrepreneurs, expand your network and avoid future burnout!


"I am no kidding when I say there is a before breathwork me and an after breathwork me. The after breathwork me is calmer, more confident, feels focus, feels powerful, feels like she can accomplish anything she sets her mind to". - Alex S. Elliot

 “Very few things do I say with such tenacity, but you need to attend Abraham’s breathwork! By the end of the experience I was sitting in an entirely new vision that became a new reality for me.” - Robb Quinn, CEO & Founder of Agency in a Box 

“Breathwork was one of the single most powerful experiences of my life! It raised my awareness to some of the blocks in my life both personally and professionally and gave me insight on what next steps to take in order to overcome those obstacles.”
- Amanda Dake, CEO & Founder of FunnelKitchen

"I had Abraham at an event and e did some mindset, some breathwork and some transformational work that blew my mind" - Andrew Kroeze

"Breathwork with Abraham was life changing. It helped me be more aware of the business decisions I am making and understanding the motivations behind them. It got me more centered into my WHY - who I am serving and why am I in business in the first place." - Jimmy Rutkowsky, Digital Marketing Agency Owner 

"In the end I saw myself on stage just speaking to people and deliver my message so it really brought me true clarity, really felt amazing!  - Doug Boughton, CEO of Sales Funnel Mastery

"I've been truly blessed to take part in Abraham's breathwork session, it was one of the most powerfull and enlightening experiences I have ever had" - Kevin Dang

"You have to experience for yourself because it is incredible! I never knew that just doing breathwork could open up yourself so much and you could release so much" - Victoria Kennedy

"I had the incredible pleasure to experience a breathwork session with Abraham, it was incredibly eye opening for me, I would say even live transformation" - Nick Proffer

It helped us to really just be in the moment and It was so usefull and beneficial. Really helped me to calm down, to refocus and I felt so energized after" - Sean Crane 


What are the Hours?
11AM EDT - 5PM EDT Saturday & Sunday

What Platform?
The entire weekend event will be conducted through zoom

Is online as good as in person?
Online is definitely a different experience than in-person, however we promise the experience will be just as powerful as in-person

Is breathwork safe?
Breathwork is natural and there are no side effects so long as you are not PREGNANT or have a HEART CONDITION.

Is this a religious thing?
No. Not at all.

Do you have a refund policy?
Yes! If by the end of Saturday night you feel you are not getting value from the event, we will give you a 100% refund.


Imagine what it would be like access your FLOW STATE on demand so you never get stuck again.

Imagine how empowered you will feel when you no longer have to fear returning to a 9-5 you absolutely hate and tolerating a life of mediocrity.

Imagine the ease with which you can reach your business goals by leveraging your own biology to access clarity, focus and certainty on a consistent basis.


In order to make sure you get the most out of working with us, we will include access to our online course FOR FREE!


In the course you will learn:

✅ The high-performance success strategies to generate peak states

✅ The mindset principles for success to better understand your own psychology and more easily overcome roadblocks

✅ How to craft a daily routine to implement in order to maximize your performance

It’s a no-brainer. Go ahead and reserve your spot today!

Will you join us?

"Step into your power"
- Abraham Heisler
Mindset & Performance Coach

Helped hundreds of entrepreneurs to 5x their performance & results

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